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Spark’d Action

At Spark-Y we divide our organizational activity into 3 major components:

  1. School Programs: Our school programming is the heart of our organization.  Our team of sustainable experts mobilize in our community to teach a multidimensional, educational program in the science classroom.  We work with a diverse range of middle and high schools, growing rapidly in student population every year.
  2. Sustainable Education Lab and Associated Projects: Our office, the Sustainable Education Lab (SEL) is where we provide in-house learning from sustainable projects we develop.  Partnering with other environmentally-conscious agriculturalists, we collaborate and grow together through hosting workshops and testing ideas.
  3. Sustainable Education Summer Internship: Every summer we host an in-house internship where graduates of our school programs and selected sustainable youth experts work to expand our programming and organization. This is where we develop the next leaders in our organization and community.